Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hey Kids,
Much thanks to everyone who braved the rain on Friday to make our Halloween bash extra spectacular. As usual we had a blast at Kenny's. Hope you all enjoyed getting rocked in the face by alternating waves of wailing guitars and fun sized snickers. For those of you who couldn't make it out, heres a taste of what you missed out on.

(The Canon Logic is not accountable for any corneal tears, nuget abrasions, or any other candy-induced injury)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Marathon Moments

Hey There.

I'm Mike, a drummer. Being this is my first post on the new blog, I felt it was important to introduce myself. Anyway, this post wasn't really supposed to happen. I was going to write an email to my fellow rock and roll compatriots to discuss a couple of things I had on my mind, but at the last minute figured it might better serve as a blog post.

So here I am.

And here CMJ is, or was, considering it's end is rapidly approaching. It goes out with a bang tomorrow night with Spoon headlining Roseland. Speaking of Spoon... Tim, Josh, and myself were lucky enough to catch an intimate show headlined by Austin's finest last night at The Blender Theater, formerly known as The Gramercy Theater. This was my first time catching Spoon live so I was extremely excited to be in the presence of such a revered indie mainstay.

Anyway, the show was fantastic. Britt Daniel has such an amazing command over the stage. He literally beats on his Gibson hollow body while snarling his amazing catalog of biting lyrics. He almost has sort of a Bruce thing going on, and it shines through. Jim Eno was also equally as impressive. His playing has always been extremely simple, yet immensely solid - and he keeps it up live. He's such a driving force behind the band. The set list was almost perfect, dropping classics from Gimme Fiction and Kill the Moonlight alike. My one disappointment was not hearing my favorite off of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Rhthm and Soul. Hey speaking of which, has anyone else realized that 'Rhythm' is spelled incorrectly in the song title. Was that on purpose? Oh well. Amazing song that some other lucky fans will hopefully get to hear tomorrow night at Roseland. Unfortunately, I won't be one of them (have a wedding to attend).

Before Spoon, I got to catch UNKLE and Holy Fuck at Webster Hall. I was initially turned onto UNKLE several years back when Thom Yorke did a collaboration with them on the eerily-amazing song, Rabbit in Your Headlights. If you've never seen the video for it, Check it out below. Fantastic... If the last 40 seconds of this video doesn't give you chills, then I'm not sure you have a soul.

UNKLE was solid live. I enjoyed it. But actually, what interested me even more was the band that played before them, Holy Fuck. Apparently these guys have generated quite a buzz during this year's marathon because I keep seeing press about them popping up in everything from obscure blogs to that free Metro newspaper they hand out on the subway. And deservedly so. These guys put on a hell of a show and look like they have a blast doing so. Anyway, if you get a chance, check them out. The song Safari is one that really stands out to me.

I think I had something else I wanted to say, but I now forget. Oh well, until next time...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Catching up.

It's been a couple of weeks since we posted anything. Our apologies for the lack of content and updates.

1) Zach Galifianakis
2) Show at The Delancey
3) New songs
4) Dancing fool

We had our band's first celebrity encounter since Mark and Sean met X-Pac's dad on the Daytona Beach boardwalk some 9 years ago (true story). Mike is exempt from this because he works at Atlantic Records and sees famous people every day. Anyway, the person was Zach Galifianakis (Out Cold, Dog Bites Man). Most people don't know who he is, but nonetheless, we believe he lives in our neighborhood. Just when we assumed passing him on the street was enough to prove his residency in the area, Tim and Josh saw him playing tennis at the local courts. Confirmed.



After a good month or 2 of not sharing the stage together, the band finally got back to it and played a set at The Delancey last Saturday. A few mishaps aside, it was a good time. Thanks to Amanda for sharing her birthday festivities with us. Apologies to Adam, our financial manager and dear friend, for most of us missing his birthday party due to scheduling conflicts. To cap off a great evening, we threw an afterparty at our place, to which, nobody came...

Show aside, we've been making great progress musically. We should have a couple new songs ready for our next show (Friday Oct 26th). We'll also have some recordings available shortly. In the meantime, here's a little remix of one of our older songs. See if you can notice what's different about it:

The Logic v2

Til next time...