Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fan Profile of the Week: Ricky Silver

who is he? an aspiring scientist with a taste for good food and music

how did he discover tcl? Tim and ricky shared the ice together on the 'Little Flyers' hockey team back in 2006.

Where is he now? On a bus with us in Indiana ('Lincolns boyhood home'). He resides, however, across the east river from us in a little place called Manhattan

if he were a sex and the city character? The hot one, obviously

favorite color? Without asking him, we'd have to assume perriwinkle or some other gender ambiguous color that leans towards the feminine side

why do we let him hang out with us? Because he ups our street cred with his killer good looks, plus the video footage that he takes at our shows will one day make for an eerie look into the world of tcl

what you can expect from him now: a firm handshake, and if you're lucky, delicious eats at one of his exclusive rooftop soirees. As for the lady situation, sorry girls, he's taken

in the future? Keep an eye out for him and tim's side project, 'the planet earths', dropping this fall

aliases: 'rick', 'richard'

sent from sean's PALM CENTRO

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greetings from... Shippensburg?

on our way to open for ari hest and april smith in chicago. we have 13 hours til sound check, and theres probably a minimum of12 hours driving left in a converted schoolbus that runs on veggie oil. Step on it stevens god dammit! Somehow everyone else here that's not in our band had the forsight to bring blankets. at least we don't have to drive. Thanks to april and her peeps for letting us tag along