Saturday, September 29, 2007

a fruitful journey

Pent up in cubicles and and dusty apartment rooms all day, the 5 of us thought it'd be nice to get out of the neighborhood for a taste of the good life. Sporting our finest threads, we all hopped the subway train to Manhattan with intentions of purchasing some vitamins and maybe returning some videotapes. Here is a clip that someone got of us boarding the local L train. It turned out to be quite the adventure!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


(recommended w/ audio)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seasons Greetings

A lot has occurred since our last update. You probably remember our new home as a ramshackle, dust ridden open room with a lot of work left to be done. Well, it still is, only, it now has the 4 of us living in it. Living large we must add. A kind fellow named Larry, whom we will approximate to be roughly 55 years of age judging by his wedding album, was kind enough to leave some of his stuff in the back room. These forgotten pieces of Larry's past quickly evolved into tangible fun for the band. Amidst the piles of belongings were an aero bed (now sean's bed), 3 tennis racquets, and possibly the most delightful of all, The Chocolate Bin. What is this chocolate bin we speak of? Perhaps the above image tipped you off. Long story short, it's a 50 lb box full of foil-wrapped chocolate Santa Clauses. The chocolate is all aged to perfection, and we shall unload these delicious items on the black market once the season hits. Thank you Larry.

A joyous realization...

and the not so joyous, going to bed while wearing a dust mask...

After an evening of cleaning and chocolate consumption, Tim, Josh and I took to the courts for some Tennis. We reenacted the great Kournikova vs. Kafelnikov/Borg canadian doubles match of 1994, starring Tim, Josh, and Sean, respectively. To the bewilderment of our guest celebrity judge, Flavagher, history repeated itself, and Kournikova went home the victor.

For anyone who forgets who Flavagher is, he is the love child of Flava Flav and famous prop-comedian Gallagher. He also goes by the surname Mayweather, and is popularly referred to as Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the media spotlight.

Another night or 2 of inconclusive crap occurred and then we all parted ways for the weekend. We are now back, living hard, and waiting for our kitchen to be installed. As you can tell, absolutely nothing of importance has occurred over the past 2 weeks. For good measure, here is a live video of us performing The Fabulist at the Lion's Den over the summer. Enjoy.

Friday, September 14, 2007

our new digs

We've been planning this move to nyc since the beginning of the summer. Mike has been living up in the area since early August, and Mark has been waiting for the other 3 of us to get our shit together and find a place to live and practice. Looks like things are finally coming together. We snagged a pretty sweet pad, right in the heart of Williamsburg. This luxurious 2 bedroom artist studio will soon be a 4 bedroom band commune, complete with soundproofed practice room. Who needs bedrooms bigger than 7'x10' when you've got exposed brick with original asbestos top layer. It's gonna be rad. First, to the roof...

We've also got a nice view of midtown, but who needs that when you've got...

...hipster furniture.

Here, David (our super) does something creepy.
Yes, if you were wondering, that's a freight elevator, just like in Wayne's World.

We get the keys Monday, but the place will not be technically livable for at least a week. In time, we'll invest in some furniture; just waiting on that check from Nuprin...

While we're building walls and being more or less unemployeed, mark your calendars for Oct 6th. We'll be playing at The Main Drag's nyc record release party at The Delancey. They're pretty spectacular, check em out:

The Main Drag's myspace

Nuprin... Little. Yellow. Different.

I have to return some videotapes.