Thursday, May 22, 2008

TCL <3 's Philly

This past Monday, on the eve of our EP release, Tim traveled to our old stomping grounds to promote The White Balloon. Thankfully, through all the excitement, our PALM Centro was in the capable hands of our resident Phone-tographer, Hailey. First stop was in the heart of our old neighborhood Manayunk, and the studio of Philly's most dedicated and supportive radio station Skin Radio. For those of you who missed the live broadcast, Tim was interviewed by our good friend Al and performed a few solo selections from The White Balloon.
Tim at the keys
Tim channels Bret and Gemaine on a guitar signed by Flight of the Chonchords (no joke)

Later that night it was off to one of Philly's most diverse and respected venues World Cafe Live, home to 88.5 WXPN radio, for an encore performance. The built-in crowd at WCL was digging the tunes and Tim stuck around for some meet-and-greet action. All in all it was a successful trip to the town that birthed us and an inspired debut for The White Balloon.
Stay tuned for more info on Philly show dates coming up this summer.

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